LoveNest – Anime Character Sim v35.2702 (Mod Apk)

LoveNest - Anime Character Sim

LoveNest – Anime Character Sim v35.2702 (Mod Apk) There’s a battle between Heaven and Hell, and their spoil of war is you! Are you ready to choose between an innocent angel, or a sinful demon? Blast everything in the Match-3 Puzzles to unlock new heavenly pick up lines, exchange pictures and uncover the mystery of celestial meetings. When it comes to LoveNest – Anime Character Sim, the only capital sin is to miss out!

Anime games aren’t that easy. Before your choices, you will play unique puzzle games. The higher you score in the anime games, the more choices for your next message for your angel or demon you’ll have!.

There are more than 400 levels in our anime character games, designed by hand and a lot of unique anime mechanics, don’t expect basic match-3 puzzles slapped on top of angels or demons. If you don’t adapt your games choices strategies to the anime games, you won’t unlock your true anime character games potential and uncover the secrets as you solve them.

LoveNest allows you to meet, talk and uncover secrets of a multitude of interesting characters, from a cheeky lawyer, through high-aspiring corporate to a party rocking DJ – each with their own personality and story.

Explore the app and try your chances with various angels & demons and try to win them over, but remember – not everything is as it seems at times…

LoveNest assures of one: there are definitely waifus and husbandos to claim, the only thing that stands in your way is a question of how good is your pickup game.

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Q: I’m a VN Anime veteran, how much can I expect?
A: Each route has 30 choices with several answers leading to short branches, and between 5,000 and 10,000 words overall.
Q: How many characters?
A: At the time of launch, there are 6 angels and demons in our anime character sim.
Q: And CGs?
A: Five per character, currently.
Q: How many anime puzzle games levels?
A: Over 400 (new levels constantly being released!) and each is designed by hand – no auto-generated levels.
Q: Does the app include live chat functionality?
A: No, it doesn’t. All messages and stories are carefully written by story writers.
LoveNest - Anime Character Sim
LoveNest - Anime Character Sim
LoveNest - Anime Character Sim
LoveNest - Anime Character Sim
LoveNest - Anime Character Sim

*MOD Features*
1. Unlimited Coins
2. Unlimited Gems
3. Unlimited Energy
4. Unlocked All Levels


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